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Tom Ball’s Book of Original Quotations and Prognostications

October 1, 2021


“By turns droll, flippant, incisive, witty, cogent and inspired Tom Ball’s relentless pursuit of the quotable prognostication and the atom-splitting adage is a reading experience way beyond the ‘book of lists’ mindset. The author observes with penetrating insight and an admirable fund of imagination the future of just about everything…” -Charles Pinch, Author


Tom Ball’s book is that rarest of birds, a book of original quotations and some of the quotes are original prognostications. Every subject under the sun is covered from Love to Future Engineering to Freedom to Mind Reading Technology to Eternal Youth and so on.


There’s a quote for every occasion. The book is good philosophy and wisdom to live by, especially with a view to the future…


Note that this is the first book from Left Fork’s new Green Wall prose imprint. You can purchase the book now from our Bookshop.org store

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Tom Ball

Tom Ball holds a B.A. in archaeology and a B.S. in geography. He has travelled to 35 countries and lived in six. His favorite country is Taiwan. He works as an online English teacher and volunteers as co-founder for fleasonthedog.com, a literary e-zine. He has written 32 books, most of which have been published, at least in part. He now resides in Ontario, Canada.