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Magician’s Secrets

November 15, 2018


In “Magician’s Secrets,” you’ll find tales of fantasy and adventure. You’ll find 3 pigs, 4 kittens, 6 siblings, and, well, more kittens. Mix in assorted musings on time and blueberries. But be careful here, lest you get trapped in a “Never-Ending” Adventure Story. Yes, it’s stories as only can be dreamed up by the mind of the one and only Kailen. In these pages, you will not find the polished work of an author who has spent decades honing a craft. In fact, at a mere nine years old, Kailen has yet to spend a full decade doing anything. And yet, there is artistry within. These pages include the raw output of a true creative mind, with unique twists on the fantasy genre. You’ll find great humor, too. Come along and learn…the Magician’s Secrets.

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Kailen Forsythe-Elder

My name is Kailen Forsythe-Elder. I like blue. Dark blue is my favorite color. I go to the Dome School. I’m in Fourth Grade. I write because it’s fun.