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Not Only the Extraordinary are Entering the Dream World

``These poems want you to notice the world, whether it is camping in parks or climbing mountains ('the dizzy tightness of the heart'), or white-water rapids...``

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Pulse and Weave

``Nakazawa’s poems are inhabited by the spirit of the best haiku in their sparse diction and exacting thought.`` — Andrea Hollander, Author of Blue Mistaken for Sky

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What Color is Your Privilege?

``Serving a truth serum for hate and hypocrisy, F.I. Goldhaber is writing with a hammer and speaking with a tongue of fire.`` — John Warner Smith, Louisiana State Poet Laureate 2019-2021

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What if your mother

``In What if your mother, Judith Arcana looks anew at the abortion debate. Prepare yourself for wide angles, hidden turns, unexpected voices and loving compassion.`` — Evelyn C. White

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Mostly the Wind

Harn’s newest collection is a calendar of revelations where seemingly mundane events become portals to the sacred. He reminds us to be alert to enigmatic moments.
— Frank Rossini, author of Last Confession and Midnight the Blues

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Watering the Rhubarb

In an age as coarsened as ours, we are startled by a voice so guileless, and a heart so open, as Charles Goodrich's. Read, and be restored.
—John Witte