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Scenes from a Varied Life

Tom Siewert does not claim to be an extraordinary person, but rather a normal guy who has had a wealth of extraordinary experiences, a life of incredible variety. Over the years he kept journals and wrote copious letters to the friends he made around the world.

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Psalms at the Present Time

“On and beyond the horizon, Wellington’s excursions into our body politic, psyche, purpose, and existence are multilayered and multifaceted. Content and craft are given equal time and focus. There is a nuanced reacquaintance with poetry’s significance in Psalms at the Present Time. This poet chooses sturdy ethos and empowering authenticity. It is a worthwhile expedition.”
—Uche Nduka, Author of Living in Public and Facing You

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Tom Ball's Book of Original Quotations and Prognostications

``By turns droll, flippant, incisive, witty, cogent and inspired Tom Ball's relentless pursuit of the quotable prognostication and the atom-splitting adage is a reading experience way beyond the 'book of lists' mindset. The author observes with penetrating insight and an admirable fund of imagination the future of just about everything...``
—Charles Pinch, Author

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Anatomy of a Wound

``Small, seamlessly textured and mighty. Lorrie Ness’ 'Anatomy of a Wound' rivets the reader to the tale of a mother’s suicide and its pummeling effect on those close at hand. The leaps of imagery are color-infused, indelible to the memory and shaking. Her uses of metaphor are masterfully composed and always pitch-perfect.``
—Robert Nazarene, founding editor, ``The American Journal of Poetry``