If you are considering Left Fork or Flowstone Press for your book, we ask that you first familiarize yourself with what we do publish. Fortunately, you’re at an ideal place to research our books–the website! So please explore the different sections, but also read on.

Flowstone Press publishes contemporary poetry collections and chapbooks exclusively, with a focus on lyrical, psychological, environmental, cultural, and imagistic work. Note: we limit publication to 2-5 collections each year.

* Left Fork’s focus is both more and less specific. We do not have a genre limitation–we have published (or have forthcoming) memoir, fiction, poetry, children’s books, local history, and more. But we prefer work about our corner of the world, or by artists and authors who understand the Klamath-Siskiyou bio-region and/or Oregon and northwest California. Note: we limit publication to 2-3 books each year.

* If you are here seeking information on submitting to our journal, Cobra Lily: a review of southwest oregon literature and art, please visit Cobra Lily.

We strongly prefer complete manuscripts, as opposed to proposals for a project. We also appreciate a letter of introduction, sharing a little about yourself (and if submitting for Left Fork, please share your connection with our region). If you’ve done all that, you can expect a response within 1 month. (And if you haven’t done at least that much, we reserve the right to not respond.)

Of course we do not charge reading or submission fees for our regular submissions (note: in the future, we may charge a fee if we hold a contest). Authors receive 10 copies of their book, royalties on books sold by the press, and a substantial discount on author copies.

At this time, our editorial calendar for Flowstone Press is full for the next 6-12 months, so we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts at this time.

Submissions for Left Fork can be directed to Ryan at editor @

Thank you.