IV Local Author Holiday Reading

We are proud of our annual IV Local Author Holiday Book Reading. It has become a great Shop Local tradition in the Illinois Valley: a book reading, signing, and sales event featuring the writers and artists of our region. Authors/artists have the opportunity to read their work or explain their process, while guests enjoy free refreshments (baked goods, coffee & tea, etc.). Following the reading, attendees can visit with authors and pick up a book signed especially for that certain someone on your holiday list. Remember: signed books make unique holiday gifts!

We’re hopeful we can return to this tradition for 2021, but unfortunately we were unable to hold our event in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic. Below you can scroll down to see our lineup for the first 6 years.

2019 poster


  • Jim Lettis, author of Spirit Bow: The Saga of Sean O’Malley, an exciting historical fiction
  • Kit DeYoung, author of Joy the Mighty Maremma, a children’s book about a Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD)
  • Deborah Dawson, our own local artist/illustrator, who illustrated Joy the Mighty Maremma
  • RL Adare, author of Two Blankets, the touching and exciting life of an Indian girl.
  • Celeste Eckman Himanek, author of Santa Claus and the Law of Attraction, a Christmas fable for believers of all ages
  • Gary Eby, author of The Eby Way, a method for bringing sanity back to your life
2018 poster


  • Doranne Long, with her handbook for health, Your Body Book
  • Dorcey Wingo, with his memoir Captain Methane and his Finely Feathered Friends featuring tales of his helicopter days
  • Gary & Susan Eby, with Reflections: A Journey to God, a collection of spiritual essays
  • Laura Doyle, with My Child, As You Grow Older, lessons for life available as both children’s book and coloring book
  • 9-year old Kailen Forsythe-Elder, with his short story fantasy collection, Magician’s Secrets
  • Coreen Davis Hampson and her collection of poetry, Growing Smaller (note: Coreen may be out of town for the reading, in which case the book’s publisher Michael Spring will read on her behalf)
Event Poster


  • Johnnie Walker, illustrator of “Beauteous Black and the Mysterious Forest,” a black fairy tale
  • Franklyn Tosh, author of “Senses,” a poetry chapbook
  • Desmond Serratore, illustrator and author of “Bloodstone: Toil and Trouble,” a graphic novel
  • Ryan Forsythe, creator of Banana Slug Mandalas with his collection “Slugdala!”
  • Hazel Danene Speer, author of “I Kicked Cancer and So Can You” (forthcoming memoir; Hazel will read from the first chapter, excerpted in volume 3 of “Cobra Lily: a review of southwest oregon literature and art”
  • Michael Spring and Deborah Ann Dawson, author and illustrator, respectively, of “Woodwoo: The Little Sasquatch,” a children’s book
  • Alan Laurie, Takilma Common Ground co-editor with “Takilma Common Ground Anthology – Volume II,” a collection of the second 25 issues spanning 1997-2002
Event Poster


  • Sarah Bohmker, author/editor of “There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills,” a coloring book on the history of mining
  • Desmond Serratore, illustrator and author of “Bloodstone,” a graphic novel
  • Rachel Goodman and Alan Laurie, Takilma Common Ground editors with “Takilma Common Ground Anthology – Volume 1,” a collection of the first 25 issues spanning 1994-1997
  • Michael Spring, author of “Unfolding the Field,” a collection of poetry
  • Alan Laurie, artist of “Barnyard Beasts & Beauties,” a catalog of his recent paintings
  • Ryan Forsythe, author of “Dick Cheney Saves Paris,” a slapstick sci-fi novel
Event Poster


  • Dennis Strayer, author/editor of “Historic Images of the Illinois Valley”
  • Michael Spring and Deborah Ann Dawson, author and artist, respectively, of “Ravenwood”
  • Jim Lettis, author of “How to Catch a Whopper”
  • David Newell, author of “The Poem Said”
  • Nicole Rensenbrink, author of “The Besties Grow Up”
  • William McMorrine, author “The Training Ground”Plus 3 from the Forsythe-Elder fam:
  • Rory Forsythe-Elder, author of “10-Year Old Creepy Poems”
  • Ryan Forsythe, designer of “The Doodle, Design, & Draw Book for Illinois Valley Kids of All Ages”
  • Kaci Elder, author of “P(4)” [That’s P to the 4th power]
Event Poster


  • Kindi Fahrnkopf, author of ‘Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon’
  • K. R. Hulsey, author of the fantasy novel ‘Demona’
  • Deborah Murphy, co-creator of the ‘Creative Creatures’ series of educational activity books
  • Buckwheat Bob Harrison, author ‘Hippie Tales of the Northwest Woods,’ will be represented by his friend Mara who will read & bring his book
  • Justin Rohde, author of ‘Hiking Oregon and California’s Wild River Country’
  • Michael Spring, author of several books of poetry including the award-winning “Blue Wolf”
  • Kelpie Wilson, author of the novel ‘Primal Tears’
  • Ryan Forsythe and son Rory Forsythe-Elder, creators of political satire ‘Goldilocks and the Three BARs (Beyond Available Resources)’