IV Local Author Holiday Reading

We are proud of our annual IV Local Author Holiday Book Reading. It became a great Shop Local tradition in the Illinois Valley: a book reading, signing, and sales event featuring the writers and artists of our region. Authors/artists had the opportunity to read their work or explain their process, while guests enjoyed free refreshments (baked goods, coffee & tea, etc.). Following the reading, attendees were able to visit with authors and pick up a book signed especially for that certain someone on their holiday list. Remember: signed books make unique holiday gifts!

We’re hopeful we can return to this tradition sometime in the future. Below you can scroll down to see our lineup for the first 6 years.

2019 poster


  • Jim Lettis, author of Spirit Bow: The Saga of Sean O’Malley, an exciting historical fiction
  • Kit DeYoung, author of Joy the Mighty Maremma, a children’s book about a Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD)
  • Deborah Dawson, our own local artist/illustrator, who illustrated Joy the Mighty Maremma
  • RL Adare, author of Two Blankets, the touching and exciting life of an Indian girl.
  • Celeste Eckman Himanek, author of Santa Claus and the Law of Attraction, a Christmas fable for believers of all ages
  • Gary Eby, author of The Eby Way, a method for bringing sanity back to your life
2018 poster


  • Doranne Long, with her handbook for health, Your Body Book
  • Dorcey Wingo, with his memoir Captain Methane and his Finely Feathered Friends featuring tales of his helicopter days
  • Gary & Susan Eby, with Reflections: A Journey to God, a collection of spiritual essays
  • Laura Doyle, with My Child, As You Grow Older, lessons for life available as both children’s book and coloring book
  • 9-year old Kailen Forsythe-Elder, with his short story fantasy collection, Magician’s Secrets
  • Coreen Davis Hampson and her collection of poetry, Growing Smaller (note: Coreen may be out of town for the reading, in which case the book’s publisher Michael Spring will read on her behalf)
Event Poster


  • Johnnie Walker, illustrator of “Beauteous Black and the Mysterious Forest,” a black fairy tale
  • Franklyn Tosh, author of “Senses,” a poetry chapbook
  • Desmond Serratore, illustrator and author of “Bloodstone: Toil and Trouble,” a graphic novel
  • Ryan Forsythe, creator of Banana Slug Mandalas with his collection “Slugdala!”
  • Hazel Danene Speer, author of “I Kicked Cancer and So Can You” (forthcoming memoir; Hazel will read from the first chapter, excerpted in volume 3 of “Cobra Lily: a review of southwest oregon literature and art”
  • Michael Spring and Deborah Ann Dawson, author and illustrator, respectively, of “Woodwoo: The Little Sasquatch,” a children’s book
  • Alan Laurie, Takilma Common Ground co-editor with “Takilma Common Ground Anthology – Volume II,” a collection of the second 25 issues spanning 1997-2002
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  • Sarah Bohmker, author/editor of “There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills,” a coloring book on the history of mining
  • Desmond Serratore, illustrator and author of “Bloodstone,” a graphic novel
  • Rachel Goodman and Alan Laurie, Takilma Common Ground editors with “Takilma Common Ground Anthology – Volume 1,” a collection of the first 25 issues spanning 1994-1997
  • Michael Spring, author of “Unfolding the Field,” a collection of poetry
  • Alan Laurie, artist of “Barnyard Beasts & Beauties,” a catalog of his recent paintings
  • Ryan Forsythe, author of “Dick Cheney Saves Paris,” a slapstick sci-fi novel
Event Poster


  • Dennis Strayer, author/editor of “Historic Images of the Illinois Valley”
  • Michael Spring and Deborah Ann Dawson, author and artist, respectively, of “Ravenwood”
  • Jim Lettis, author of “How to Catch a Whopper”
  • David Newell, author of “The Poem Said”
  • Nicole Rensenbrink, author of “The Besties Grow Up”
  • William McMorrine, author “The Training Ground”Plus 3 from the Forsythe-Elder fam:
  • Rory Forsythe-Elder, author of “10-Year Old Creepy Poems”
  • Ryan Forsythe, designer of “The Doodle, Design, & Draw Book for Illinois Valley Kids of All Ages”
  • Kaci Elder, author of “P(4)” [That’s P to the 4th power]
Event Poster


  • Kindi Fahrnkopf, author of ‘Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon’
  • K. R. Hulsey, author of the fantasy novel ‘Demona’
  • Deborah Murphy, co-creator of the ‘Creative Creatures’ series of educational activity books
  • Buckwheat Bob Harrison, author ‘Hippie Tales of the Northwest Woods,’ will be represented by his friend Mara who will read & bring his book
  • Justin Rohde, author of ‘Hiking Oregon and California’s Wild River Country’
  • Michael Spring, author of several books of poetry including the award-winning “Blue Wolf”
  • Kelpie Wilson, author of the novel ‘Primal Tears’
  • Ryan Forsythe and son Rory Forsythe-Elder, creators of political satire ‘Goldilocks and the Three BARs (Beyond Available Resources)’