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Ten-Year Old Creepy Poems

November 21, 2015


“Intelligence and imagination gather as the author braves and reveals Chaos. This book is thrilling and haunting, written with a sense of urgency and biting humor.”  — Michael Spring


Are these poems ten years old? Or are they from the mind of a ten-year old? Find out in 10-Year Old Creepy Poems, the first poetry collection from Rory Forsythe-Elder. In addition to the stunning poetry from an emerging talent in the world of horror poetry, this edition includes exclusive never before published photography from the author’s dad. And here’s what the author’s mom has to say: “A daring debut from a young and vibrant mind. Rory Forsythe-Elder authentically embodies the spirit of horror storytelling, with oft a comedic twist spun inside these pithy poems.”  — Kaci Elder, author of Making Math: A Story and Lupa

Rory Forsythe-Elder

Rory Forsythe-Elder is a boy who hates beets, though he loves sour gummy worms. His illustrations appear in "Goldilocks and the Three BARs (Beyond Available Resources)." He makes his home in the woods of the Illinois Valley of Southern Oregon.




The deadly plague came quick and rough,
Causing a lot of pretty horrible stuff.
Coughing, choking, diarrhea,
And even worse, three hours at Ikea!