where to find

The best place to find physical copies of Left Fork and Flowstone Books is in the Illinois Valley of Southwest Oregon. When in Cave Junction, stop in at the Southern Oregon Guild of Artists and Artisans, Pine Cone Books, the IV Visitor Center, or Bear Images Boutique to peruse the fine selection of books, and ask the proprietor about Left Fork Books. And then when they look at you funny, say “The IV Doodle Book? Cobra Lily? Goldilocks and the Three BARs?” and then they’ll know what you’re talking about.

Our authors also tend to stock their local bookstores. For example, in Euguene, you can find Carter McKenzie’s Stem of Us at Tsunami Books, Black Sun Books, and J. Michaels Books. Come to the Edge is available at several locations throughout Del Norte County: Hiouchi Hamlet, Wild Rivers Market, the Yurok Visitor Center, Millsong Mercantile, and more (I’ll try to add them here as more places are added).

Those who can’t find hard copies are able to purchase print on demand books from the privacy of their own home or wi-fi enabled coffee shop. Visit Left Fork Books on Amazon and Flowstone Press Books on Amazon.

Soon we hope to offer the ability to purchase direct from us (including the ability to purchase copies signed by the author).