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Busy month for Flowstone!

For a small-time press, the publishing schedule can be erratic. This year we published Ken Letko’s Bright Darkness in late Jan./early Feb., and followed it up with Judith Arcana’s Announcements from the Planetarium in April. And it may seem like not much since then. But trust us, we’ve been busy! This month we’re finishing up no less than 4 books, our busiest month yet. (And note: that doesn’t include 2 books this month from Left Fork!)

LayingBy cover smEarlier this month, we released Vince Wixon’s full-length poetry collection Laying By. No less an authority on poetry than Juan Felipe Herrera, United States Poet Laureate, has said, “Laying By is magnetic, a rare tenderness and a collection of scenes, portraits, and life-roads to be cherished—Bravo!”

Vince will be reading from the collection at the Ashland Literary Arts Festival this very weekend, along with another Flowstone author. Gary Lark’s River of Solace was published last year by Flowstone Press. River of Solace received the 2016 Turtle Island Quarterly Editor’s Choice Chapbook Award. They’re scheduled for the 10:30am slot on the 2nd floor of SOU’s Hannon Library. That’s Saturday, October 28.

Speaking of Turtle Island Quarterly Awards, we’re excited to announce that this month Flowstone has published both of their 2017 prize winners.

LifesPrisoners front cover_smLife’s Prisoners by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington is the winner of the Turtle Island Quarterly Poetry Award. According to poet, essayist, and collagist Uche Nduka, “This splendid poet’s concerns are aesthetically laid bare here— politics, love, philosophy, autobiography, homage. His commitment to his art manifests in chiseled language, brilliant imagery, varied forms, questions, affirmations, heartfelt rebellion.”

GhostLogic frontcover FINAL_smGhost Logic by Sara Clancy is the recipient of the Editor’s Choice Chapbook Award from Turtle Island. Joan Colby, author of The Seven Heavenly Virtues notes, “Ghost Logic showcases Sara Clancy’s distinctive poetry. These are poems that reflect an unerring vision in an unmistakable voice…Clancy’s language is both complex and accessible: a feast for mind and ear.”

All three of the above books are available now. But we’re not finished yet! We’re now putting the final touches on a book from Jared Smith. His full-length collection Shadows Within the Roaring Fork should be available within the next week. Stay tuned for more information.

A hearty congratulations to all these authors celebrating their book releases this month (and/or early next month)!