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Unfolding the Field

July 26, 2016


Michael Spring’s fourth book of poetry.  According to Jared Smith, “Michael Spring’s poems are deeply centered within something greater than himself; something that through a nonlinear awareness of, he can become part of—an entering into that which is wild, blue, and indistinct in its outlines. Michael Spring is of the alchemists.”


According to Absinthe Poetry Review, “Michael Spring is a poet with a rich inner life. Whoever he is in this world, he is also someone who works with the transformative energies of the imagination. His poetry is totemic, introspective, and written with a soulful music that comes predominantly from the natural world. His work invites us to look further than knowledge can reach.”


Michael Spring

Michael is a martial arts instructor and poet. He’s won several awards and distinctions for his poetry, including a Luso-American Fellowship from DISQUIET International; the 2016 Centennial Artist of the Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve; the 2013 Turtle Island Poetry Award for his chapbook Blue Wolf; Honorable Mention in the 2012 Eric Hoffer Book Award for Root of Lightning; and the 2004 Robert Graves Award. He is also a poetry editor for The Pedestal Magazine. He lives on a mountainside in O’Brien, Oregon.