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Takilma Common Ground Anthology #1

October 26, 2016

Volume I * 1994-1997

Takilma Common Ground was created in 1994 to increase communication and stimulate discussion in the community of Takilma, in Southwest Oregon. Volume 1 of the anthology collects the first 25 issues, from 1994-1997


These issues often feature responses to themes, in the form of articles, essays, letters, poetry, and pictures. Issues also include birth announcements, memorials, recipes, a kids page, essays on the history of the area, and information on events. There is no finer chronicle of life in Takilma, past and present, than the Takilma Common Ground.


The editors gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support of the Takilma community, all past and present volunteers and staff, and all writers, artists, and photographers who have contributed.