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Growing Smaller

October 19, 2018


Coreen Davis Hampson’s Growing Smaller is her first collection of poems. Her poems are rooted in the images and rhythms of the natural world. They are personal and experiential, addressing cultural and environmental issues. Whether speaking of hurricanes, family, aging, music, or hummingbirds, her poems map landscapes of memory toward horizons of reflection. Hampson embraces all that it is to be human and leads the reader deep into the present moment.


This is Coreen’s first book of any kind, though she has also nurtured a passion for poetry and song from an early age. She writes regularly and is currently working on family stories for her grandchildren. She plays “old time music” with husband Scott Hampson and other friends. From 1975 until 2007, she played in local bands such as The Bitterlick String Band, The Generic String Band (for contradances), Heartstrings, and Uncle Fluster. In 2009, she wrote a CD of songs about gardening for the “Farm-to-School” project and recorded it with three children from the Illinois Valley. Coreen’s poetry reflects her love and fascination with the natural world, as well as her love of music and metaphor.


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Coreen Davis Hampson

Coreen Davis Hampson has lived in Southern Oregon since 1972. That was a year in which many idealistic urbanites moved here to live off the land, frequently communally. After graduating from Los Angeles State University with a B.A. in Anthropology, she decided to be a farmer. She and three friends started a farm in Selma. She has maintained a passion for growing things from the earth to this day, at age 73.