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Cobra Lily #6

September 23, 2020


Cobra Lily is a review of art and literature, focusing on the cultural and natural environs of Southwest Oregon. We seek to promote voices from this region, as well as voices outside the area which speak to the natural rhythms and experience of life here. Why Cobra Lily? The carnivorous pitcher plant exists most abundantly in Southwest Oregon. This native plant has distinctively adapted to thrive in our region. We draw inspiration from this plant because we dare to be as unique, publishing the diverse writers and artists of Southwest Oregon’s extraordinary landscape and culture.


Issue Six features the work of the following artists (in order of appearance): Vicki Snitzler, Alan Laurie, Nicole Taylor, Iris Chinook, Deborah Dawson, Michael Spring, William Lawson, Zvi Baranoff, Zack Rowatt, Barbara Parchim, Kate Taormina, Susan Gustafson, Austin Bosch, Kelly Waldin, Smuj Smujington, and Amy Milner, who also provided the cover art. The issue will be available for purchase at the Southern Oregon Guild gallery in Kerby, or through Amazon.com.


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