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Anatomy of a Wound

July 15, 2021


“We have published Lorrie Ness more times than any poet in the history of our journal, and her new collection of poetry, Anatomy of a Wound, is testament to why. Intensely personal, yet effortlessly accessible, every poem is a luminous and unflinching journey through challenging human landscapes. Her svelte verse, elegant craft, and vivid imagery are constant companions throughout this tight collection. Ness’s work is emotionally visceral and intellectually explosive. Few poets can transport readers the way Lorrie Ness can, and Anatomy of a Wound rewards them in beautifully unexpected ways that linger long after its words have left their lips.”
Sky Island Journal



“Small, seamlessly textured and mighty. Lorrie Ness’ Anatomy of a Wound rivets the reader to the tale of a mother’s suicide and its pummeling effect on those close at hand. The leaps of imagery are color-infused, indelible to the memory and shaking. Her uses of metaphor are masterfully composed and always pitch-perfect. Rather than holding her characters at a distance like other, less- assured poets—Ms. Ness embraces them, albeit tentatively, more often than not. Here, relationships are both loving and horrifying as a mother’s touch. I finished reading feeling rubbed raw—and alive.”
—Robert Nazarene, founding editor, The American Journal of Poetry


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Lorrie Ness

Lorrie Ness was born in Indiana and currently lives in Virginia with her husband and a menagerie of pets. She completed her doctorate in psychology from the University of Tennessee and her writing is deeply influenced by the complexities of human relationships and our connections to the natural world. When she is not writing, she can be found hiking, photographing insects, and playing in the dirt.