Coming Soon

Titles forthcoming from Flowstone Press:

  • The second edition of Judith Arcana’s What if your mother, due June 1, 2022
  • A poetry collection from Martin Willitts, Jr. in late 2022
  • Voices of the Valley: The Corvallis Poetry Anthology, edited by Steven Sher and Michael Spring, pub date tentatively a month or three after Michael gets me all the files


Titles forthcoming from Left Fork:

  • What Color is Your Privilege? by F.I. Goldhaber, due 9-9-22
  • Volume 8 of Cobra Lily: a Review of Southwest Oregon Literature and Art should be out in late Fall/winter 2022
  • The ebook version of Come to the Edge, edited by Ruth Rhodes, due later this year.
  • Volume 4 of Takilma Common Ground Anthology, definitely before November. Heck, probably before July.

Check back periodically for more information on other releases.