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Announcing the Takilma Common Ground Anthology

Exciting news to share:  Part of Left Fork’s mission is to celebrate our little corner of the world (and our little corner of Oregon). Since 1994, there has been no finer chronicle of the history of southern Oregon’s Takilma community, than the Takilma Common Ground.


And so, I’m happy to announce the release of the Takilma Common Ground Anthology, Volume 1. This book combines the first 25 issues of the Common Ground—all issues from 1 to 25 1/2.  And why, you ask, are the first 25 numbered 1 to 25 1/2? You’ll just have to buy the book and learn the answer to this and other mysteries. The cool cover design is courtesy Alan Laurie and the book includes an introduction by Rachel Goodman.
The book will be available for sale at the Dome School 40th Birthday Party on Saturday, November 12, and then after in the school office and hopefully a few other spots around town. Cost is $20, of which $10 will support the current expansion of the Takilma Community Building. (More info on that


By the way, many many thanks to all the staff and contributors over the years, special thanks to Greg Walter and Pat Mersman for gathering archival issues, and big thanks to TCG editors Alan and Rachel for trusting Left Fork to support this project.
Do note that the book is available now from Amazon.com, but if you’re able to purchase in Takilma, a bigger percentage will be able to stay in the community. Thanks!